Rio de Janeiro

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Updated, Aug 2020


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Getting In & Around

Getting in
Rio de Janeiro Galeão Airport
20 km north of the city centre. Rio de Janeiro-Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport or RIOGaleão International Airport. BRT+Metro: R$4.60, BRT: R$4.05 (24hrs), Bus: from R$4.05, Special Buses: from R$8 – 72, Taxi: from R$35-90 approx. Uber available. visit website

Santos Dumont Airport
In city domestic airport, 2 km from city center, Light Rail(VLT): R$3.80, Bus: from R$4.05, Special Buses: from R$16, Taxi: from R$25-35 approx, Uber available

Brazil Central Station
Central do Brasil – Central train station, Connected by Public transport, Metro station and VLT(Light Rail). Restaurants, public facilities are available here.

Novo Rio Bus Terminal
Rodoviária do Rio de Janeiro – Central Bus Terminal, Connected by Buses, and VLT(Light Rail). Restaurants, public facilities are available here. visit website

Getting around

Public Transport
Tickets: Bus ticket R$3.80 Metro Ticket* around R$4.30 Metro + Bus around R$4.30 
*For metro a card with R$5 and recharge it. Taxis and Uber are better way to travel in Brazil because of safety reasons and. fares are about R$5.5+2.5/km in the city. extra on sunday or 

Urca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Photo by Shot by Cerqueira on Unsplash

See & Do

Piazza Duomo


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