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Updated, Aug 2023


Getting In & Around

Getting in
Tampere-Pirkkala airport
17 km south-west from city. Bus: line 1A, €5. Shuttle: Flybus €10. Taxi: €19-40. There are ATM, Cafes, car rentals, meeting rooms and Free 24 hrs Wifi service. visit website

Tampere railway station /Tampereen Rautatieasema 
Connected by Public transport. Bus connection to the airport. services: Waiting hall 24/7, restaurant and cafe,Toilets & Baby-care, Luggage lockers – small €3 – medium€4 – big €5 a day, car and cycle parking available.

Connected by Public transport, 10 mins walk from Train Station, Connection to Airport as well as Helsinki Airport. Cafe and toilets.

Getting around

Public Transport
single ticket(2 zones) €2.70/3.50 driver. 24 hrs Ticket €7. night ticket(00-4.40) €3.50.
Vsit Website

There are many other tickets option, visit website for more. tickets can be brought on mobile, kiosk or by driver. 
Day ticket for 3 zones ABC €8 plus additional €4 per extra day, as well as for zones ABCDEF is €16 plus additional €8 per extra day
get travel card to save money of tickets.

Piazza Duomo

See & Do

Piazza Duomo


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