Mexico City

Photo by Carlos Alcazar   

Updated, Aug 2023


Welcome to Mexico City, where ancient history collides with modern innovation in a symphony of color and culture. Explore the grandeur of ancient Aztec ruins alongside the vibrant energy of bustling neighborhoods.

Try mouthwatering street food, admire magnificent colonial architecture, and immerse yourself in the rhythm of Mariachi music echoing through the streets. Experience the dynamic pulse of this cosmopolitan metropolis as you uncover its hidden treasures and timeless charm.

Getting In & Around

Getting in

Mexico City International Airport(Benito Juarez):
8 km from the city center, address: Av.Capitán Carlos León s/n, Colonia Peñón de los baños, C.P. 15620, Delegación Venustiano Carranza, Ciudad de México. web:, phone: +52 55 2482 2400, Metro(subway): $5, metrobus: $30, Taxi: $160-300

Toluca International Airport:
50 km from the city center, address: San Pedro Totoltepec, 50226 Toluca de Lerdo, Méx., Mexico. web:, phone: +52 722 279 2800, Taxi: ~$70

Piazza Duomo

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Piazza Duomo