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Updated, Aug 2023


Getting In & Around

Getting in

Tivat Airport:
7 km from Kotor, airport is at the coast of Adriatic sea, bay of Kotor. address: 27 Narodnih Heroja, Tivat, Montenegro, web: visit websitephone: +382 (0)32 670 930, Taxi: €10 (be aware of overcharging), Bus: bus stop is little far along the main road with almost no sidewalk. Bus terminal is 15 min walk from airport. cost about €2-4 to Kotor.

Dubrovnik Airport in Croatia:
55 km(with ferry) or 70 km from Kotor, address: Dobrota24, 20213, Čilipi, Croatia, web: visit websitephone: +385 2077 3100. Bus: €15-20(might need to go Dubrovnik Bus terminal), Taxi: around €80-90 (border crossing)

Podgorica Airport:
86 km from Kotor, address: Golubovci, Montenegro, web: visit websitephone: +382 (0)20 444 244, Taxi: around €50-60(negotiate before, often meters are flawed), Bus: no direct bus from here to Kotor, visit Podgorica city Bus terminal to get a bus. it’s time taking and costs about €7-10 and additional around €15 from airport to podgorica in Taxi(negotiate, often meters are flawed). 

Piazza Duomo

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Piazza Duomo