Updated, Feb 2023

Sweden is part of Scandinavia. Borders Norway and Finland. Its just adrift from Denmark but connected by iconic Oresund Bridge. Capital city is Stockholm on the east coast of the country at Baltic Sea. Sweden has huge lakes and mountains on its landscape. It extends to arctic circle and hence, Sweden is another good spot to catch northern lights.

The coastal city of Gothenburg offers scenic canals, historic sites like the Fish Market, and a thriving cultural scene.

The city of Malmo is known for its striking architecture, including the Turning Torso skyscraper, and its cultural diversity.

The Swedish capital Stockholm boasts numerous museums, including the ABBA Museum, and stunning architecture like the Royal Palace.

The city of Västerås, situated on Lake Mälaren, offers beautiful parks, medieval churches, and the Västerås Castle, which now houses a museum.