City in a day: Milan

Milan is world famous for fashion, so always been a shopping stop. It has amazing Italian cuisine and multiple restaurants lying around the beautiful canals. It is a world city of northern Italy. The Metropolitan got many things for you, make sure to maximize your time in Milano

Things to remember

Milan is part of the Northern state of Lombardy in Italy, Italy is a European country and also part of Schengen zone as well as Eurozone. Which means open all road borders with France, Switzerland, Slovenia, and Austria. Currency is Euro and UTC+1 time zone.

Entry and exit points in Milan

Milan has 3 airports. 2 outside of the main city and Linate is almost in Milan. Getting into the city can take up to an hour or 2 from your arrival. A train will drop you directly inside the city. more on how to reach Milan here

For ease, we suggest making Milano Centrale (central railway station) as entry-exit points. If you are coming/leaving from the Linate airport, or Cadorna railway station or Lampugnano bus stop, then Duomo is a good option.


Luggage storage is available at Station and on the airports

Moving options

Milan provides very good public transport and its comparatively cheaper. 2 euro for 90 mins single ticket and 7 euro for 24 hrs ticket. It covers all transportation options within the city. It’s the best option for Milan, you don’t need more.

For the bike you need to reach one of the bike sharing services, although it can be complicated because of the big city and traffic movement. bike trend is increasing in Milan but not like Amsterdam.

Places of interest in Milan

Milan is full of Museums, but it takes lot of time to see things and also needs reservation for the likes of the Last Supper

Once in Milan the city center is a must visit. it connected with history and shopping which is one quality of Milan.

First part:

Piazza del Duomo: Beside the history of 14th-century cathedral square. It is also most active city center square of Milan. It is one of the most active places throughout the day. People sometimes like to stay late and have some chit-chat and drink overnight around the Piazza.


Piazza Duomo
Piazza Duomo with Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in the view

Duomo: This marvelous Cathedral of Milan is the biggest in the country and architecture will definitely catch your eyes. just in front of Piazza. one can go inside and climb to the top to have a city view.


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The third point is Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II on the north side of Piazza Duomo is a wonderful shopping mall. its architecture and history make it unique on its own. there are restaurants also along with shops. this place is more of touristic than a Shopping place.


Shopping and eating:

Now if you are in the mood of shopping you can head towards San Babila from Duomo with so many shops around you. another option is Via Torino. 

The expensive Milanese shops are on Via Montenapoleone. Take a yellow line metro with a couple of stops. One more name for shopping is Corsa Buenos Ares (red line metro Porta Venezia Stop)

Or if you are hungry you can head towards Via Dante towards Milan Castle (straight west from Duomo). If you wanna try Milan’s special Apertivo. head to Navigli for some of the best restaurants.


via Danta
Via Dante

Navigli canal is lined up with restaurants and they are packed up during summer months. (Tram from Duomo) or 15 mins walk south on via Torino.

Another option is Arco Della Pace. On the other face of Parco Sempione. tram in front of the castle will drop you there or walk from the park for 10 mins.


arco della pace
Arco della Pace


Other things to do

Take a tram ride in one of the oldest trams(wooden). line 1, 2, 3 etc and also new trams like 9, 14 etc. Ride through busy streets and old roads is an amazing experience.

go to Garibaldi to have a look and maybe get to the top of UniCredit building to see Milan from the top.

There are other museums likes Pinacoteca di Brera or Pinacoteca Ambrosiana also Museums in Castello or interesting one is Leonardo da Vinci Museum of Science and Technology.


Milan is not very big and also not the very small city. It can tire down you if you wish to walk. The city has many supermarkets and cafes. people here rarely speak English. so better learn few Italian words.

If you have a short layover in Malpensa then it can take 4 hrs just in travelling to and fro. Better calculate if you can make it max or not.

Are you visiting a city for 24 hrs or just for the daylight, are you staying here the night or have a flight layover. Friends Traveller will suggest you few of the best options.

write us for queries or suggestions.