City in a day: Moscow

Moscow is the capital of Russian Federation. its a big city to travel which has a big history too. Its not easy to walk around every place in Moscow but if planned correctly, you won’t miss out of important areas.

Things to remember:

Moscow has very cold winter months and lot of snow fall, City has small window of summer months followed by little spring. but enough for tourist to enjoy both the seasons.
Russia is not the part of Euro zone or European Union although politically connected with European continent. Currency is Ruble and time zone is GMT+2 hrs. Moscow has public buses and very well connected metro service. 

Moscow City has public buses, trolley buses and very well connected metro service. it has some tram lines and monorail too. system also shares suburban railways. Moscow serves 4 airports and 9 railway terminals peripherally to all major directions. everything is well connected by transport.  

What to see in Moscow:

1. Red Square:

Center of the city, its a large public plaza next to Kremlin, St. Basil’s Cathedral, Lenin’s Mausoleum and History Museum. these definitions are making it focus center for every tourist visiting Russian capital. 

Red square. photo by Lynn Greyling
2. Kremlin:

There are many museums and cathedrals inside the complex of Kremlin, which are open to people. it has history of Moscow and Tars. Visiting every museum could be time consuming, better to plan well and precise.

Red walls of Kremlin complex from Moscow river. photo by Artur Janas
3. St. Basil’s Cathedral:

Everyone recognizes this beautiful colorful cathedral. its in the south of Red Square. worth taking a picture in any weather.

St. Basil’s Cathedral. photo by Albert Dezetter
4. Lenin’s Mausoleum:

Its next to Kremlin walls in the center of Red Square, Vladimir Lenin’s body is preserved and open to public without any fee. Although its open only for 3 hrs from 10 am to 1 pm. on Tue, Wed, Thu, Sat rest of the days, its closed. photography is prohibited. keep walking…

Lenin’s Mausoleum in the center of Red Square. photo by Андрей-Лосев
5. Bolshoi Theater:

Another city center, its iconic and grand building. and if you like classical music, opera or ballet don’t forget to book well in advance for it.

Bolshoi Theatre. photo by Alina-Kuptsova
6. Gorky park: 

The Gorky Park is next to Moscow river and is a very popular place. There are many things always happening in this park. It has several cafe/eateries to sit and grab a coffee cup. there is ice skating also in winters. 

7. Christ the Savior Cathedral:

Its an Orthodox Church and tallest of its kind in the world. beside religious history and architecture, Its location makes it worth visiting. next to Mmoscow river and a straight to a pedestrian bridge connecting both river and canal. 

Christ the Savior Cathedral. photo by Rebeccah Lee
8. The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts

One of the largest and museum of European art in Moscow. There are many remarkable paintings and sculptures from various great artists. 

Few more picked options around: 

  • Stalin’s Seven Sisters : Stalin constructed 7 first skyscrapers around Moscow, they are huge and similar looking structures. 
  • Gum Mall : Its a huge shopping mall next to Red Square
GUM Shopping center. photo by Алексей
  • State Historical Museum: Its on the north side of the Red Square, It has vast collection of history and prehistory. 
State Historic Museum. photo by Eugene Kolesnikov
  • Victory Park/Poklonnaya Hill : one of the highest part of moscow, It is Memorial to world war II, there is military museum also.
  • Muzeon Park of arts : This part is on the north-east/other side of Gorky park. Park is beautiful and carry many Sculptures of Russian history. 
  • Luzinski Stadium : Its the National Football Stadium of Russia. part of Moscow Olympic complex, its often hosts several big competitions likes of Uefa Champions League final. Fifa World cup final and ceremonies also happened here.
  • Metro Architecture : There are many stations having beautiful architecture. while travelling its good to keep in mind to explore unique ones. 
Metro Architecture. photo by J.H. Kim
  • Sparrow Hills : One of the highest part in the city. its south of the river and place to take a panoramic view. Luzinski stadium across river and Moscow State university on the other side. 

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