City in a day: New York

New York is one of the biggest metropolitan city in the world. Manhattan in New York is not just a commercial hub or place to find skyscrapers but it also have a huge Central park, many museums and many iconic architecture. New York city has amazing places around and it’s hard to choose what to see first. let’s find out…

Things to know:

The City is in the north-east of United States, on the north Arctic Ocean. Hudson river flows through Manhattan and neighbor city of New Jersey. Currency is Doller and timezone is EST (UTC-4 hrs). New York city also has one of the biggest subway(metro) system.

Places to see in a day:

1. Central park:

Central park is an urban park, it’s a big park offering several activities in the center of New York city.  there are sports areas, cafe, restaurants, sculpture etc. it makes a high contrast on skyline of Manhattan. New York Central Park, photo by Slovenčina

2. Times Square

Major city square with shining lights, you must have seen it on tv. its a commercial square and a tourist attraction in the city. its often crowded, be there and see that city never sleeps. Times Square, photo by Jeff

3. Statue of Liberty

An iconic monument on the Liberty island in New York harbor, 2.5 km from Manhattan. it was a gift from France. 93 meter high stature is made up of copper. its one of the main attraction in New York city.

Statue of Liberty, photo by Bruce
4. Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn bridge connects Manhattan to Brooklyn over East river. this historical bridge is a hybrid combination of Cable stayed and suspension bridge, and working since 1883. it has central 1st level pedestrian walkway, take a walk and also a photographs around cables.

Brooklyn bridge, photo by Monica
5. Empire State building

one of the oldest skyscraper and a landmark of Manhattan, New York. its common among tourists to go on the top observation deck to see around. place is often crowded.

Empire State Building
6. Rockefeller center

Another city center and tourist attraction of New York city. its a large commercial complex with many buildings. there is a big Christmas tree and ice rink to see if you visit in winters. there is top of the rock observation deck for 360 degree view of New York. check the website for more.

Rockefeller center, photo by Liliana
7. Grand Central Terminal

As its name, its one of the biggest train terminal in the world. on 42nd st. in New York. the whole complex has many shops, restaurants, offices etc. It has many sculptures and beautiful architecture decorations. Terminal is one of the most visited place in New York.

Grand Central Terminal, photo by Maurice

there are many more things in New York like Bronx Zoo, botanical garden, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York High line and many more. if you have more time to spend, check one of these. write us for queries or suggestions.