City in a day: Rome

Things to remember

Rome is Italian capital city. Italy is a part of Schengen zone as well as Eurozone. Which means open all road borders with France, Switzerland, Slovenia, and Austria. Currency is Euro and time zone is UTC+1.

Moving in the city

Rome has public buses and very well connected metro service. its a big city and most of the tourist attractions are within center, old city narrow streets are comfortable for walking too.

What to see in a day

1. Vatican City

The Holy Place and also house of Pope. Its better to get in line as early in the morning as possible, line keep gets bigger to see the Vatican museums. you can also take one of the local guides available in your language.
The Sistine Chapel, St Peter’s Basilica and huge St Peter’s Square is part of the city. there is no entry fee for coming to the St. Peters square. its all open for everyone.

2.  Piazza Venezia

It is a big square facing Altare della Patria. A memorial white marble monument. its not a pedestrian square, but a node of many streets. in front there is a old city and markets. on the left Via(road) dei Fori Imperiali leads to Colosseum within a kilometer.

3. Colosseum

Most important iconic spot of Rome. this place take you in to the era of gladiators. due to the major attraction it is always crowded. and you can face an hour in a ticket line sometimes. but other option is take a guide nearby who got you a ticket too. or pre-book it for time saving.

4. Roman Forum and Palatino

Collective ruins of early Roman urban developments, the place will not impress you today but its history and story will, once you start identifying it significantly. If you have a ticket for Colosseum, it also covers in same ticket within 48 hrs.  there is a metro station at Colosseum.

5. Pantheon

hidden between the small streets. this temple makes you feel small. one of the best in condition structure of ancient Rome. its free for public, a hangout place often very crowded in summers

6. Piazza di Spagna

A good public hangout place. famous for 18th century Spanish steps. this place is often busy, but find a place to sit on the steps and relax with gelato.  there are many cafe around. its well connected by metro underground.

7. Fontana di Trevi

Before completing the day its good to make a wish at Trevi fountain and throw a coin in the water. Trevi fountain is one of the main tourist attraction in Rome.


Rome is a big city. It will be hard to go everywhere and spend enough time. But can also cover by proper management. The city has many restaurants and cafes. people here speak English better than in north Italy.

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