City in a day: Venice

Visiting Venice in a day?
It is an island city of Italy. Apart from the main city islands, there are about 100 others. Venice doesn’t have any roads, but it has small random streets, which looks almost like it was few hundred years ago. The city has expanded its working on the mainland also. While travelling in Venice, walking is ideal way to explore, or if you don’t like walking, water taxi is another option. 

Things to remember:

There are ways to enter Venice Island, many train goes till Venice Mestre on mainland but you can take another train to the island in less than 2 euros. or take a shuttle bus Venice. or maybe water way. or if you are driving, Tronchetto is a parking for the city. 

Water buses called vaporetti, has one day ticket of 20 euros, works for 24 hrs. there are many stops around grand canal. if you want to experience Venice, try to avoid summer months because of crowd. its not easy to walk on streets especially around famous spots. perhaps you think everyone here in July-August. although winters are quite.

What to see in Venice:

1. Grand Canal

The Grand Canal flows through the middle of the city as well as it serves as the main highway. All the major activities are around the Grand canal. There are 4 pedestrian bridges crossing over it. while taking a Grand Canal cruise around historical buildings in the background is one experience you don’t wanna miss in Venice.

Grand Canal from Rialto Bridge.
2. Rialto Bridge

One of the Oldest and iconic Bridge on Grand canal, its a landmark of Venice and less crowded. Very famous because of its architecture. there is also a farmers market next to it. 

Rialto Bridge
3. Piazza San Marco

Central square of Venice, in front of Basilica of St. Mark. Its a big public piazza surrounded by many restaurants. There is also a cathedral tower known as Campanile di San Marco gives aerial view of the city. Sometimes whole piazza goes under water during high tide.

Piazza San Marco
4. Basilica di San Marco

Basilica di San Marco, otherwise known as St Mark’s Cathedral is the most famous of the churches in the Venice. It has unique combination of Byzantine architecture with Italian Gothic touch in it. There is Palazzo Ducale next to it, which is also an important place to see.

Basilica di San Marco
5. Venice Biennale

Venice Biennale is an art exhibition in Giardini della Biennale, east part of the city. It has pavilion from many countries. Its 1.5 km straight walk along sea or 10 mins by water bus.  

The green gardens of biennale
6. Chiesa di San Giorgio Maggiore

Just other side of the water from St. mark’s piazza. The church is on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore. It’s pretty highlighted because of a picturesque space and gives view of Venice from its tower too. Take a small ride to cross the end of Grand canal to reach here.

view of Chiesa di San Giorgio Maggiore
7. Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute

It’s a beautiful Church made in Baroque style with a large dome and octagonal design, this iconic architecture is on the tip of the other side of the island. 

Big dome of Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute along grand canal

What else you can do in Venice?

There are many other small an big places around Venice. Gallerie dell’Accademia, Jewish Museum, Constitution Bridge, and many churches. with many bridges.

Have fun discovering venice in a day. while you get lost in exploring small and narrow streets of Venice.

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