7 Best Cities to Visit in UK

1. London

The capital city of the United Kingdom and certainly one of the biggest cities ever in the world. London proudly stands on the banks of River Thames. The city is multicultural and has many qualities within. Go for shopping, sports, sightseeing, culture, cuisine and even more. London is for everyone to explore. It surely is top of the 7 best cities to visit in UK.

London. Photo by Benjamin Davies

2. Edinburgh

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland. It’s the historical city, therefore it has many attractions decorating its land. Such as famous Edinburgh castle to the underground city. There are beautiful parks and refreshing natural landscapes in and around the city. Edinburgh has many events and festivals, Overall it is a mesmerizing experience for visitors.

Edinburgh. Image by Kevin Phillips

3. Glasgow

It is another city in the north and in the Scottish area of the United Kingdom. It’s a major port city on the banks of River Clyde of Scotland. Glasgow shows its rich Scottish cultural as well as art and music.

Glasgow. Image by Kamyq

4. Manchester

Manchester is one of the biggest cities in the northwest of England. Because it was developed as a major industrial town, it has a rich history and culture. From music to football, Manchester is a home of two of the biggest European clubs, Manchester United and Manchester City to list. There is a National Football Museum as well as Museum of Transport, Manchester Opera house are some of other popular attractions. Of course it’s one of the 7 best cities to visit in UK.

Manchester. Photo by Kelly Robinson

5. Bath

Bath is a beautiful city in the southwest of England. It’s full of art and architecture, culture and life. So as its name defines, Bath is a spa town and has Roman era natural hot spring baths, for which it was a popular destination in history. The Royal Crescent is another famous spot for tourists.

Bath. Image by Andrea Smith

6. York

York is a walled city of medieval times. It was founded by Romans on the River Ouse in northeast England. York has some of the stunning architecture, York Minster Cathedral is a gothic work of art and a popular attraction.

York. Image by David Mark

7. Liverpool

It was the major port city and a trading hub in the 18th century to last 20th century. Liverpool is famous for being the hometown of the Beatles. Its also home to the famous Liverpool Football Club and one of the oldest Everton F.C. On the banks of River Mersey in northeast England, Liverpool has wonderful art, architecture, and culture to explore.

Liverpool. Image by Jessica Crawford