7 Best Cities to Visit in Belgium


Brussels is underrated because of neighboring French and Dutch historical cities. The city has many surprises for its visitors. While the capital of Belgium is in motion and hosts many cultural and art events. The multicultural city is also home to the European union headquarters. It has a nice city center, museums and even more attractions. The Grand Palace square in the center with many shops, cafes and restaurants around it. Atomium is the popular Belgian landmark in Brussels.

Brussels. Image by Hillebrand


Antwerp is the second largest city of Belgium. It is a port city and hence a center of trade in the country. It is center of art and culture. The city has its impressive medieval and contemporary architecture, churches and museums also. Cathedral of Our Lady is one of the landmarks in the city. Antwerp is also popular for food and Belgian beers.

Antwerp. Image by juulzgrand


The beautiful city of Bruges is decorated with its canals, so it attracts visitors from everywhere. This fairy tale town has medieval buildings and also old-fashioned cobble streets. Its one of the favorite spots among tourists in Europe. And hence the city gets overcrowded during holidays. Although city is trying to provide maximum of everything but, footfall makes it expensive for many travellers.

Bruges. Image by meineresterampe


Ghent is peaceful and picturesque city. Certainly it is popular among history and architecture lovers. The city is framed with many historical spots. Some of the beautiful churches and medieval structures.  St Bavo’s Cathedral, Saint Nicholas’ Church, Gravensteen castle are some of the hotspots of the city. Ghent is an hour away from Brussels and Antwerp. Its cozy canals give it more dimensions to its beauty.

Ghent. Image by dimitrisvetsikas1969


Liege sets on the scenic banks of river Meuse. This industrial city is grown to become modernized. It has evidence of its past everywhere and is mixed well with contemporary development. The city sees less visitors in comparison to nearby bigger cities. Its 30 mins away from Maastricht. The city is lively with its good atmosphere and great restaurants.

Liege. image by Judyma


Leuven is a small city and just 30 mins from Brussels. The city has good students’ population as it resides one of the oldest universities in Europe, Catholic University of Leuven. The city has many attractions for visitors. It is a decent option for gateway from Brussels.

Leuven. Image by flurk20050


Mons is a beautiful small and old city of Belgium. It has a huge central square and cobble street leading to it from all directions. There are many café and restaurants around the city center. The Maison Van Gogh is a famous museum of Vincent Van Gogh, he lived here in the village of Cuesmes, near Mons.

Waux Hall Park, Mons. image by pixabay

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