7 Best Cities to Visit in Switzerland

A land of breathtaking landscapes and captivating cities. From the vibrant streets of Zurich and the diplomatic charm of Geneva to the cultural treasures of Basel and the historical beauty of Bern. Here we through 7 best cities to visit in Switzerland.

Switzerland offers a diverse range of experiences. Explore the picturesque shores of Lake Lucerne, immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Lausanne, and indulge in the Mediterranean flair of Lugano. Join us as we unveil the 7 best cities to visit in Switzerland.

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Updated June 2023


Zurich is the largest city of Switzerland. It lies on the shore of lake Zurich in the northern Switzerland and close to the German border. While the city is surrounded by mountains, river Limmat flowing through the city. As much as natural landscape plays here, similarly architecture and life of the city enhances too.

However, it’s a dynamic city, it has contrast of its old architecture and city blending with contemporaries. City atmosphere is vibrant with its lively surroundings, shops, cafes as well as fashion sense.   

Zurich. photo: annca


Geneva is one of the most beautiful cities in Switzerland, lies on the southern end of Lake Geneva and surrounded by Swiss Alps.

The city is close to the French borders. The Geneva Water Fountain is the main attraction for anyone visiting here. It pumps water as high as 140m and can be seen from almost everywhere.

Geneva is also very popular because of CERN and it also homes to United Nations office. Furthermore, city has many things for tourists, from beautiful lake shore hotels, Spa’s, restaurants to rich history and architecture.

Geneva Water Fountain. photo by Charles


Basel is an important city with its location. It is almost on the French and German border with Switzerland in the North of the country. Basel is another city grown itself on the banks of river Rhine. Basel has maintained its old town feel of its medieval city on the river. It still has many notable buildings and museums around it. In addition, Gothic cathedral, Basel minster and Basel Zoo are among the top attractions here.

Basel. photo: skeeze


Bern is the capital city of Switzerland. Aare river bending in the city and provided grounds for the Bern between the mountains. The city has its beautiful environment and picturesque streets. Old city is established as a medieval town and hence has many old buildings decorating it. City has its cozy feel which never disappoints its visitors.

Bern. photo: pkh470


Lucerne is one of the prettiest cities in Switzerland and in the Alps mountains. This beautiful city in on the shore of lake Lucerne in the central Switzerland. Its landscape beauty is stunning. Snowcapped mountains around it and lake side architecture is a mesmerizing experience for its visitors. 14th century Chapel Bridge is one of the popular attractions here. Going on the nearby mountains Pilatus, Rigi, Stanserhorn, are accessible by cableways, and it offers spectacular panoramic views.

Lucerne. photo: Werni


Lausanne is another city on the Lake Geneva. Lies on the north of the lake and an hour away from city of Geneva. It is beautiful and picturesque by its surroundings. It’s also known for office of International Olympic Committee, there is an Olympic Museum here too. Gothic Cathedral rising in the center is an impressive attraction. Around it, shops and restaurants are lining in the city center. Around hills there are many beautiful vineyards. From port one can take a Lake Geneva cruise to explore more around here.

Lausanne. photo: SofiLayla


Lugano is in the south Switzerland near Italian Border. Although its nearby Italy, and has an Italian influence on language, culture and cuisine, but in swiss flavors. It is also a good option for a day trip if you are in Milan. Lugano lies on the edge of Lake Lugano. The city is on the northern shore of Lake Lugano. It is surrounded by snow covered Alps mountains. Lugano also known for flowers and parks. Parco Civico-Ciani on the lake shore is one of the places to relax. Lugano feels like a little paradise for shopping and dining in the mountains.

Lugano. photo by Walter

head image by Pitsch