City in a day: Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a Capital city of Netherlands is up to the mark with its unique identity. Amazing architecture, canals, and bridges, nightlife and discipline will surely make a mark on your trip experience.

If you are visiting a city for 24 hrs or just for the daylight, are you staying here the night or have a flight layover. Friends Traveller will suggest you few of the best options.

Things to Remember

Amsterdam is European country part of Euro Zone and Schengen Zone. Which means no border control if you having Schengen visa, and currency is euro. Amsterdam is often cold so do pack some warm clothes even during summers.

Entry and Exit Points

It’s very important to mark locations for short visit to the city. Amsterdam Centraal is a good entry point in the city, If you are coming from Airport or Bus, Trains will drop you here. From the airport, it will cost you 4.2 euro and if you are coming from Sloterdijk(Bus Stop/Train/Metro) it will cost you 2.9 euro single ticket.


Amsterdam Centraal Station has Luggage store, keep your bag there and start running around the city.

Amsterdam centraal - friends traveller
Amsterdam Centraal

Decide on how to move

Amsterdam gives you 3 options

  1. Use public transport: A day passes for 7.5 euro valid 24hrs in Buses, Tram, Metro, Ferries. It is recommended if you are on tight schedule. Public transport in Amsterdam is very good and Centraal is a major node. Take a free map from GVB office
  2. Use Cycle: Bike on rent available at many spots in the city for 5-20 euros depending on hrs of use and varies between providers. although finding bike parking spot can be a hassle at few places and on packed months
  3. Walk and explore: Walking is the best option to explore a city and is free of cost, Please avoid to walk on bicycle tracks in the city which are clearly marked everywhere.

Places to see


Museums can take a lot of your time so if better avoid it unless you just want to visit one. although some places are worth visit but not necessary to go inside.

Rijksmuseum This museum contains a large collection of Dutch history and art. reach directly from Station by Tram 1,2, 5, 25 or bus 170, 172

Walk past it to reach famous I Amsterdam sign. which is most of the time full of people hanging on it. You have to make your way to get a picture for Instagram. this place has free entry

I Amsterdam sign at Rijksmuseum

Look around, from the sign and you will find Van Gogh Museum. A large collection of paintings By Vincent Van Gogh.

Anne Frank House: Famous Anne Frank Huis can be reached by Tram 13, 17 and bus 170, 172. Pre-booking is important if you are visiting before 3 pm, after that you can buy a ticket on the spot. do remember of ticket lines

beside these few more can also interest likes of NEMO, EYE Flimmueseum (Ferry from Centraal),

EYE Filmmuseum

Places of interest

Amsterdam Centraal Station is more than transport node, it has many restaurants and supermarkets.

Royal Palace is a landmark of Dutch history, it is at Dam square and open to public

Dam Square is a popular public square of the city. there is a National monument, Royal Palace, and shopping streets around it.

Waterlooplein flea market is one of the biggest flea markets with hundreds of shops, this market is closed on Sundays.

City Hall and Amsterdam theatre is just behind the flea market

Red Light District is one of the major locations in the old town of Amsterdam. Do not take pictures here or open your camera.

ARTIS Royal Zoo  is close to another I Amsterdam sign, and  Tropenmuseum which is also 2 mins walk from Oosterpark,  

There are many museums, theatre, and cinema around the city, you can take an Amsterdam City Card for easy entry for most museums. But Friends Traveller recommends you to take a walk around the old city center. Where beautiful canals, markets and narrow streets of Amsterdam will make an impression on your memory.

While in Amsterdam, do try Dutch beer, amazing cheese, and Stroopwafel.

The smell of cannabis on the street is very common, one of the reasons how Amsterdam works well is a good discipline in citizens. make sure to be part of it and give this city all the respect

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