7 Best Cities to Visit in Australia


Sydney is the largest city in Australia. It’s the capital of New South Wales in the east. The city is famous for its Sydney Opera House; the design stands out in the harbor area, eventually makes it an iconic landmark of the city. Also wonderful Harbor bridge and sun-kissed sands of Bondi Beach. The city has many things to offer and hence it’s one of the most visited cities in the world.

Sydney. photo: Kewal W


Melbourne is the capital of Victoria state of Australia. It’s well known as a sports city, as it organizes some of the top sports competition, such as Australian Open, Formula 1 and lots of cricket at MCG(Melbourne cricket ground). Located in the south of mainland Australia. The city also has some of the amazing works of architecture as well. With its multicultural feel and European like environment, certainly makes it a happening city for everyone.

Melbourne. photo: Linda Xu


Brisbane is on the east coast of Australia. It is the capital city of sunshine state Queensland, and hence has wonderful pleasant weather almost all year. Around Brisbane river, there are many attractions to catch. Visitors can also climb up the Story Bridge for panoramic city view, visit Art gallery and museums too. There are Cafes, bars, and restaurants to complete your day. Gold Coast is also a gateway option to visit, it’s just around an hour south of Brisbane.

Brisbane. photo:Alice Duffield


Perth isolated itself on the western coast of Australia. It’s because Perth is almost around 4000km away from Sydney, looking over the Indian Ocean. Its surrounded by many forests and also national parks from north to south. Swan river flows through Perth. It has white sandy beaches along the coast. Lakes, parks and high rises defining the landscapes of the city. Take a 30 min ferry to reach offshore Rottnest Island to watch cute quakkasaustralia.

Perth. photo: Fadzai Saungweme


Adelaide is the capital city of South Australia. This beautiful city is often overlooked by visitors. the center city is surrounded by parks and River Torrens flowing through it. There are a botanical garden, Adelaide zoo and Oval cricket stadium as well in the center. Sandy beaches along the coast and mountains to the east add up to the landscape. Kangaroo Island is a perfect gateway on your trip to Adelaide.

Adelaide State Library. photo: Vlad Kutepov


Darwin is another isolated city, nearly 4000km north west of Sydney. It’s the capital of Northern Territory. Relatively it’s a small city but has its unique identity. The city is close to the famous Kakadu national park. There is beautiful west facing sandy beaches to watch sunsets on Timor Sea coast. Darwin has a vibrant atmosphere, its very natural with its mixture of art and culture. It’s close to Papua New Guinea and Asian island countries of Indonesia, East Timor.

Darwin. photo: Patjosse


Hobart is the capital city of Australian Island State of Tasmania. The city is in the south of the island on the banks of River Derwent. The city is smaller than capital Canberra but, its attractiveness in the Tasmanian landscape is unique. Mount Wellington standing behind Hobart, with rugged terrain, with small river streams and lakes added with Tasmanian wilderness. maybe you can spot a Tasmanian Devil around if lucky. Fresh food in waterfront restaurants, exploring art Museum MONA or historical sites. Finally visiting Salamanca market on Saturday. Hobart is an adventure.

Hobart. photo: PixbayBlade

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