5 Best Places to Visit in India

India is packed with many natural and historical sites. some of them are hard to reach and can only be visited during seasons. The Himalayas are high and deep, and its mostly covered with snow all winters.  Central India is a plateau and hosts diverse wildlife while coastal regions having sandy beaches and tropical climate. here is our 5 top picks from India.

Leh – Ladakh

Dry mountains over the clean sky and crystal-clear water of lakes and rivers. The spectacular landscape of Leh-Ladakh region has no other match. It’s a wonderful cold desert in the heights of Indian Himalayas.

Leh is a city in the region, which is ready to host its visitors, with its unique culture and people. Buddhist monasteries, colorful prayer flags, friendly Monks, local cuisine, festivals and much more.

Ladakh has the Highest Motorable road, highest commercial airport and many other things found its way in this difficult but surreal place. There are many trails for hikers, also Ladakh is popular among motorbikers, who love to explore its beauty on a long trip from the Indian capital.

Unlike another part of Conflicted Kashmir, Ladakh is safe to travel. But do remember that roads are mostly accessible only during summer months (May-September).

Andaman Islands

Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a group of islands in the Bay of Bengal, Offering beautiful beaches and lagoons, reefs and rainforests. It’s like a paradise island. Little far from mainland India, Around 2 hours flight from mainland coastal airports.

It’s unbelievable to know that once these islands used to capture Indian freedom fighters by Britishers. Remains of Cellular Jail is a popular attraction. There are many unexplored islands in the archipelago habituated by tribes who don’t want foreign human interaction. Many visitors prefer Andaman islands for relaxing in its peace.

Great Runn of Kutch

Runn of Kutch is another spectacular place in India. It is miles long bright shiny silver salt marshlands. Great Runn is one of the biggest salt Lake deserts in the world. It’s popular for visiting during full moon nights, the surreal sparkling sands will make a day out of the night. everywhere around the horizon makes you feel on another planet.

Runn of Kutch is also a seasonal saltwater wetland of about a meter of water. It also holds wild donkey, Camels, Flamingos among other wildlife. A famous Dholavira site of Indus Valley civilization is also an attraction around. Winters are the best time to visit.

Thar Desert/ Jaisalmer

The western part of India, prominently in Rajasthan and expanding in Gujarat states. The Thar Desert another attraction of India. there are many cities and towns in Rajasthan are scattered around it. Visitors can take a train or Road trip in the desert, but if you like sand dunes, camping in the sands or camel safari, then one of the best gateways is Jaisalmer.

Spiti Valley / Great Himalayas

Another breathtaking wonderland in the great Himalayas. Beautiful Spiti valley is almost inaccessible for half a year because of snow. Spiti valley has many villages among the highest village in India also locals are lovely hosts. Although Spiti is less crowded but still attracts many adventure loving people. Camping and Hiking are common here, hence many trails are maintained. Chandra Tal leak is another attraction in this clean environment. Spiti valley is also the perfect spot for night stargazers. Do remember to take care of trash on Himalayan beauty.

picture credits: cover, Ladakh, Andaman, Kutch, Thar, Spiti