7 Best Cities to Visit in Germany


Berlin has changed drastically since the fall of Berlin wall. It is the capital city of Germany. The city has grown on the banks of river Spree. River with its canal makes an island in the center of the city, known as Museum island. Famous east side gallery showcasing graffiti of Berlin wall remains is also along the river. The city has very good public transportation. And numerous sites to explore.

Brandenburger Gate


Munich is the capital of Bavaria. Lies on the banks of Isar river. Munich has diverse history which certainly can be seen from historical buildings and many museums. In the old town Hofbräuhaus is famous attraction. St. Peters church and cathedral of Frauenkirche are few notable sites worth visiting. Munich is also popular for its Oktoberfest every year.

Munich. photo by designerpoint


Frankfurt is business city of Germany. Its almost in the center of the country. Frankfurt lies on the banks of river Main. Its often called as the powerhouse of Germany. Frankfurt is also home to the European Central bank. It also faced damage during second world war, but still managed to save its historical evidences. Some of the attractions are, Römer,, Goethe House, Stadel Museum.

Frankfurt. photo by Kallmann


Hamburg is very important port city of Germany. It is one of the biggest ports in Europe. And hence It plays a major in economy of the country. Elbe river flows through the city and densifies itself with many small and big canals over the city. Elbe joins Hamburg to the North Sea.  Center city is lively and surrounded by cafes. There are many historical landmarks like St. Michael’s Church in the old city center of Hamburg.

Hamburg. photo by KarstenBergman


Cologne is one of the oldest cities in Germany. Grown on the banks of river Rhine in the western Germany. Cologne Cathedral is one of the popular landmark attractions in the city. The gothic cathedral has huge front façade and spired towers and declared as world heritage site by UNESCO. Other favorite spots in the city are, Brühl Castle, Roman-Germanic Museum, Rathaus and Cologne zoo.

Cologne. photo by michaelphilipp


German city of Stuttgart is popular for cars. Its automobile industry is rich with having headquarters of Porsche or Mercedes-Benz, and both have their car museums here. South German city has cozy and friendly atmosphere. City center encircled by new development, Stuttgart is surrounded by small hills, which is also good for hiking day out.

Stuttgart. photo by foto-horst


Dresden is in the eastern part of the Germany, close to Czech and Polish border. The city was destroyed in second world war and reconstructed since. Its old town on the river Elbe has beautiful architecture, palaces, churches and many museums. City has balance of its life in new and old towns. it came up with lively environment, it has trendy cafés and restaurants, nightlife as well.  

Dresden. photo by maxmann