7 best cities to visit in Italy

1. Rome

Rome is the largest city in Italy, also known as the eternal city. It was the capital of ancient Roman empire and is the capital city of Italy. Rome is filled with history and evidences from past. Rome has grown 30 km from Tyrrhenian Sea in the central western Italy. Residence of Pope and Sistine Chapel in the Vatican City are on the west of river Tiber, while Colosseum and Roman Forum are on the eastern side of the river.

There are many attractions for visitors in Rome, which makes the city busy all the time. It is a big city and well connected by public transport system. Roma Termini is the central railway station and operates train across country, also works as a transport center. Rome has many museums and for tourists, there are many restaurants and cafes around everywhere in the city.


2. Venice

Venice lies in the north eastern part of Italy and it’s the capital city of Veneto region. The island is in the Adriatic Sea and connected by a road and a rail bridge. Santa Lucia station is in the island, which connects trains from Mestre in the mainland Italy. Just outside are ferry terminals, because of no roads in Venice so, water transport is the main transport system of the city.

Grand canal flows through the city, is the biggest canal, and is connected to the many other small canals of Venice. St Mark’s square is the central city square and always busy with tourists around it. In the center, Basilica di San Marco and Campanile di San Marco stand as a landmark and main attractions. Other than that, Church of San Giorgio Maggiore on the island opposite of it, Rialto bridge and many others. Venice also hosts Biennale di Venezia.


3. Milan

Milan is known as the fashion capital of the world. It is the capital city of Lombardy region of north Italy. Milan is financial hub of the country, it has many restaurants and verities of shops. Milan is undeniably a place for shopping. Via Monte Napoleone, Via Dente, Via Torino, Corso Buenos Aires are the few to name.

Piazza del Duomo is the main city square, facing cathedral of Milan, known as Duomo is always lively throughout the day. Along with that there are many beautiful buildings in Milan including Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper,” in the church Santa Maria delle Grazie. The city was damaged heavily during world war and since then Milan has developed to become one of the world leaders in finance.

Milan. photo by Dimitris

4. Naples

Known as Napoli in Italy, this city gives perfect feel of the other half of the Italian culture. Naples is the prominent city in the Southern Italy, lies in the north of Gulf of Naples. It is nearby Mount Vesuvius, which is the main attraction here. Volcano was responsible for destroying ancient cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. It’s an hour from the city.

Naples is blending with its history and architecture with contemporary architecture and designs. City is also popular for its underground city, also for margherita pizza, and sea food. Naples is also a busy seaport in the region.

Naples. photo by Guglielmo

5. Florence

Florence also known as Firenze in Italy, is the capital of Tuscany region of Italy. It’s known for birthplace of Renaissance. Home to Michelangelo’s David in Galleria dell ‘Academia, and most popular is Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore or Duomo of Florence, because of its huge dome.

Firenze has Arno river flowing through Florence. Piazzale Michelangelo is on the top of the hill in the south of the river. It’s one of the best places for famous panoramic views of Florence. It also has a bronze replica of David. Apart from that Ponte Vecchio (old bridge), Palazzo Vecchio and Medici palace are also popular among visitors. Florence has history spots everywhere.  


6. Bologna

In the city center Piazza Maggiore has many cafés, restaurants around it, as well as Basilica di San Petronio, Fontana del Nettuno(Fountain of Naptune), and many other Renaissance structures. Not too far from center, the famous University of Bologna, it was founded in 1088. It’s known as the world’s oldest institution and still actively enrolls many students every year.

Bologna. photo by Rita

7. Turin

Turin lies under the Alps in the northern region of Piedmont. It’s decorated by parks and contemporary architecture. Its also growing as commercial and business city.  Although its popular for its football culture by local team Juventus and by Fiat industries.

Po river flowing through the city, which is the dominant river in the northern plains of Italy. Turin has historical relevance too, with the presence of The Royal Palace used to belong with Savoy family. It has Egyptian museum of Turin, which is only second after Cairo. National museum of cinema, National museum of Automobile are among attractions in Turin.

Turin. photo by Teojab