Best Destinations to Visit in Northern Italy

Northern Italy is full of life. Alps in the north are home to many amazing ski resorts as well as wonderful small towns and villages. River Po spreading water to the plains and Apennine are marking borders to the region.

Cities like Milan, Venice, Bologna and others are complemented by beautiful lakes, rivers, sunshine coastal areas of Riviera and Adriatic Sea.

Northern Italy is not keeping only rich history and culture, likes of masterworks by Leonardo da Vinci, northern regions are also economical centers of Italy.

It provides a large window for visitors to experience the best of what they choose from it. Shopping, dining and exploring the north, surely it will pack a memory for you.

Let’s find out : Best destinations in northern Italy

northern italy


Venice island is in the Adriatic Sea. It is not easy to describe Venice and its beauty. One of the best cities in the world and hence attracts huge crowd during summers. There are no roads, only small random pedestrian streets. They merge or end on canals. Almost the best city to get lost in.

City is growing with the future. Although canals are the main way for commuting, hence there are water buses and water taxi stop everywhere. Railway station in the island connects with mainland high speed trains. There is a separate car parking island in the beginning. Hotels, hostels and Airbnb, everything is here.

It’s a perfect place for someone who wants different experience from a city. It is very diverse historically. Famous St. Mark’s Square is the biggest public place in the city. There are many café, restaurants and shops around it. Hop in a Gondola for a ride through the canals to experience the depth of Venice.

venice, northern italy


Milano is the biggest metropolitan city in the country. It is the capital of Lombardy region of northern Italy. Milan is commercial and financial hub as well as home to some of the biggest banks. Also known as the fashion capital, and hence it’s popular for shopping.

Milan has many famous architecture landmarks. Duomo Cathedral is the most important one. There are many beautiful shops around it as well as several Museums and Churches. Exploring Milan in one of the oldest trams (No.1), metro and just walking one of the famous streets is an ultimate experience.

milan, northern italy

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre are five little cliff towns of Italy. They lie on the sunshine seashore of Italian riviera in region of Liguria. The unique mix of culture and nature provides a small paradise for visitors. five villages of Riomaggiore, Manarola, Vernazza, Monterosso and Corniglia. They provide peaceful and relaxing trip.

Cinque Terre is also a national park, many tourists come here only to hike along the towns. There are many resorts and small pebble beaches along the coast where people sunbathe during summers.

Cliff diving from rocks is also a popular here. Most towns are best accessible only by train. Many areas of the towns are no car zone. Although boats are also one of the transports.

Manarola, Cinque Terre


Genoa is the beautiful port city of Italy. It is the capital of Liguria region of northwest Italy. Its harbor is still the best attraction in the city. Lining up with cruise ships, boats and ferries. You can take a ride to Palermo, Napoli, Sardinia or Corsica from here. Aquarium of Genoa is another good attraction with verities of marine animals.

Old city center with narrow street and its architecture will take you in time. Cathedral of San Lorenzo is one of them. There are many museums and Renaissance Palazzos to spend quality time. Genoa is also surrounded my Apennine mountains at the back, which makes this city very scenic. Climbing on Lighthouse of Genoa to get panoramic view of Genoa.

Genoa. photo by Oleksii


Many people know Verona from Shakespeare’s play “Romeo and Juliet”. Verona is a not a very big city. Its between Milan and Venice. So, if you are taking a bus from Milan you might get a halt at Verona on the way to Venice.

There are many medieval buildings in the city, one of them is Arena of Verona. It is still used for concerts and one of the best-preserved structures from 1st century.

Because it gets less visitors than nearby Venice and Milan, Verona considered to be more relaxed place to visit. There are many places to see, which claimed Verona as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Juliet’s house is one of the main attractions here, although Juliet is a fictional character. Adige river is making a zig zag bend in the city. Teatro Romano is sitting on the other side hill across Ponte Pietro (bridge).

verona, northern italy
Verona. photo by Viktor


Como is one of the favorite getaway destinations from Milan. just less than an hour it takes to reach here. It’s a beautiful small city on the foothills of Alps. Como is on one end of Lake Como (Lago di Como) in the north of Milan in Lombardy region. It’s the bordering town to Switzerland.

City has two railway stations, one is a terminal “Como Lago” and ends up to the lake and the other “Como San Giovanni” is a stop before Switzerland. Como is a historical town, so walking around old streets near Cathedral of Como, and having food in one of the restaurants while enjoying its everchanging Alpine weather is certainly an experience.

Most of the visitors come here to reach the top of the mountain. A small town of Brunate is only 15-minute uphill ride by funicular. Panoramic view from top is breathtaking, but for more it’s not bad to climb 20 min to reach Volta’s Lighthouse.

Lake Como. photo by Sandeep


Bergamo has an essence of medieval town. The Old town surrounded by medieval walls of 16th century. It lies higher on the foothills of Alps and known as Città Alta or Upper city. The other part of Bergamo is “Città Bassa” or Lower city, it’s a new modern city. Bus service in the city can take you to the upper city, you can either walk or use funicular.

Some focus attractions are the city cathedral (Duomo di Bergamo). Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore and the grand Cappella Colleoni. Campanone tower gives panoramic views.

Bergamo is also serving as an another airport to Milan. It operates many low-cost airlines, likes of Ryanair, EasyJet as well as many International European airlines. Airport is called Orio al Serio International airport. Its next to the Serio river passing by Bergamo. Airport is connected to Milan by very active dedicated bus service via autostrada A4. Bergamo is connected to Milan and Brescia by trains as well.



Bologna is the capital city of Northern Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region. The City is architecturally famous for its red brick buildings and red tile roofs. It’s also acknowledged for its medieval towers, most famous is the Two Towers. One Torre Garisenda and next to it Torre Asinelli. Climb up the steps for amazing city views.

In the city center, Piazza Maggiore has many cafés and restaurants around it. There are Basilica di San Petronio, Fontana del Nettuno(Fountain of Neptune), as well as many other Renaissance structures. Not too far from center, the famous University of Bologna. It was founded in 1088. It’s known as the world’s oldest institution. Which is still actively enrolls many students every year.

Bologna. photo by Uwe