7 Best Cities to Visit in the Netherlands


Amsterdam is a Capital city of Netherlands, and it is up to the mark with its unique identity. Amazing architecture, canals and bridges, also its nightlife and discipline will surely make a mark on your trip experience. Rijksmuseum contains large collection of Dutch history and arts. Van Gogh Museum, Famous Anne Frank Huis and furthermore places to explore.



Rotterdam is the second largest city in the Netherlands. It is also one of the biggest and busiest port in the world. It was a fishing village in the 13th century, but Rotterdam grown to become a modern city today. The city has it’s unique futuristic and innovative architecture. So, it brings many visitors to the city. People like to bike around Rotterdam and its lively streets. Rotterdam has great museums, cultural charms, and also amazing drinking and dining spots.

Rotterdam. photo by Peter

The Hauge

The Hague is the former capital of the Netherlands, and it lies on the North Sea coast. The city is also residence to the United Nation’s International Court of Justice in The Peace Palace, which is an international law administrative building. Another attraction is The Binnenhof complex. It has the office of the Prime Minister of the Netherlands. The Hague is lively city, it has many monuments, wide sandy beaches and even more attractions for everyone.

The Hague. photo by Edward


Groningen brags numerous historic buildings. The city center is perfect for shopping. It has countless shops, antiques, boutiques, amazing restaurants and even more. There is a vibrant arts and culture part in the city. It has prominent students’ population which balance city with many cheap restaurants and a lot of good bars as well as lively atmosphere and nightlife.

Groningen. photo by Hans


Maastricht is the southern city of the Netherlands. It lies of the banks of Meuse. City is rich in history, culture and its medieval architecture. A lively atmosphere and a mixture of culture by its location being close to Germany and Belgium. Maastricht is a lovely city to visit. It has beautiful shopping streets, distinct museums and some great restaurants.

Maastricht. photo by Joost


Utrecht is also a city of canals, just like Amsterdam. The city is built around the Dom tower, a 95-meter-high tower gives citywide views. It’s the tower of the Gothic Cathedral of Saint Martin. Church is next to Utrecht university in the city center. The city center is small enough to explore on foot easily. But the whole area is alive and happening. A distinctive feature in its central canals is the wharf system. Its lovely canals have astonishing wharf cellars cafés and terraces by the canals. The city has many cool cafes, restaurants, eateries and much more.

Utrecht. photo by Andrew


Leiden is somewhere in between The Hague and Amsterdam. This small and beautiful city has many canals, like Amsterdam. Its popular for its architecture and University. For those excited about Dutch windmills, there is a working windmill in the city center. Rijksmuseum van Oudheden has good Egyptian and roman collection of artifacts.

Leiden. photo by Daria