10 Best Attractions in Lucerne

1. Chapel Bridge

Chapel Bridge is a world-famous timber bridge and one of Europe’s oldest wooden bridges. There is a Water Tower next to it. Together with the tower it forms a landmark and a main attraction to the city of Lucerne. It restored to its original form in early 1994 after a fire in 1993.

Chapel Bridge. photo: pixabay

2. Old Town Lucerne

Lucerne has a small old town, its easy to walk around to its small cobblestone streets, exploring architecture. Old town has preserved its squares and churches. There are sights on streets. Murals and medieval structures.

Lucerne Town. photo: Fionaleelq

3. Lake Luzern

Lake Luzern is a charming waterfront. It has beautiful natural landscape and many historical sites around it. Lake Luzern is one of the largest lakes in Switzerland. Boats and paddle steamers provide a round trip in the waters.

Lake Luzern. photo: kreativgarasch

4. Mount Pilatus

Pilatus is overlooking Lucerne and lake Luzern from many peaks; highest peak is Tomlinson at 2128 meters high. Visitors can reach the top by cableways and enjoy the spectacular views or the city and the region.

Mt. Pilatus. photo:artistico

5. Mount Rigi

Mount Rigi is on the other side of the lake and mount Pilatus. It is another option to enjoy city and panoramic views or can be a perfect for a day hike. The views from the top are stunning, also because it surrounded by 3 lakes, apart from Luzern, lake Zug and Lake Lauerz, hence it attracts many visitors here. It can be reached by cogwheel rail or cableways.

Mt. Rigi. photo: Sarah_Loetscher

6. Church of St. Leodegar

Church of St. Leodegar is a Roman Catholic church from Renessiance period in Switzerland. It is the main Cathedral of the city, also known as Hofkirche. It has white stone interiors and twin bell towers part of towns landscape.

Hofkirche. photo: Famend 

7. Lion Monument

The Lion Monument or the Dying Lion of Lucerne is carved out of stone and is a tribute to the fallen Swiss soldiers who died during French Revolution. It is one the popular monuments in the city and the country.

Lion Monument. photo: AlexandraSpring

8. Musegg Wall and Nine Towers

Muesegg Wall and its nine towers are part of the historical fortification of the city. Four of the towers are open to public. Visitors can enjoy panoramic views of the city, lake and mountains from the towers. Zytturm is one the towers holding oldest clock of the city’s history from 1536.

Musegg Wall and Towers. photo:Werni 

9. Jesuit Church

Jesuit Church is the first sacred Gothic style building in Switzerland. It is situated on the south side of the river Reuss. It has amazing interiors and artwork, it also has a large organ.

Jesuit Church. photo: Hans 

10. Swiss Museum of Transport

It is one of the most visited museums in Switzerland. Transport Museum in Lucerne is very diverse, with its features. It has many exhibitions, simulations and Planetarium. It has exhibition of not only road and rail transport but, water and aviation too.

Traffic Signs. photo: gs1703

cover picture. credits: johnnyfly