How to travel Manaus, Travel Guide

Manaus travel guide will take you to Brazil’s Amazon rainforest. It is home to this fascinating city. It is the state capital of Amazonas and boasts a well-balanced mix of urban life and scenic wonders. The iconic Amazon Theater, stands as a testament to Manaus’ rich cultural heritage.

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June 2023

Manaus provides fantastic prospects for eco-tourism and also exploration as a gateway to the enormous Amazon rainforest. Manaus has a beautiful combination of native, European, and Afro-Brazilian qualities. Its active port, vivid markets, and lively atmosphere. Furthermore, it is a location where culture and nature coexist, producing a genuinely exceptional and alluring experience.

Manaus Travel Guide


Manaus was founded in 1669 as a Portuguese fort during the colonization of the Amazon. It thrived during the rubber boom of the late 19th century, becoming a prosperous center for rubber extraction. The city experienced economic decline after rubber production declined. However, its cultural legacy and architectural marvels, such as the Amazon Theater, continue to showcase the grandeur of its past.

How to Reach

The Eduardo Gomes International Airport is the main gateway. Connecting domestic and international flights. Several major airlines operate regular routes to and from Manaus.

Additionally, the city is reached by boat through the Amazon River, which connects it to other cities along the waterway. River cruises are a popular and scenic way to reach Manaus. On the other hand, It allows travelers to immerse themselves in the beauty of the Amazon rainforest.

Moreover, transportation within the city is provided by taxis, buses, and boats, making it easy to explore the attractions and surrounding areas.

Attractions in Manaus

Amazon Theater (Teatro Amazonas): A magnificent opera house with stunning architecture and rich cultural history.

Meeting of the Waters (Encontro das Águas): Witness the fascinating phenomenon where the dark Rio Negro and the light Rio Solimões rivers merge without immediately mixing.

Amazonas Museum (Museu do Amazonas): Learn about the natural and cultural history of the Amazon region through exhibits and artifacts.

Municipal Market (Mercado Municipal): A bustling market offering a variety of local produce. Here you can find handicrafts, and traditional Amazonian ingredients as well.

Adolpho Lisboa Municipal Market: An iconic iron structure reminiscent of Les Halles in Paris. Providing an array of regional products and souvenirs.

Ponta Negra Beach: A picturesque riverside beach where you can relax, swim, as well as enjoy the beautiful Amazonian sunset.

Manaus Floating Port (Porto Flutuante): Explore the floating harbor and watch the boats come and go. Gives a glimpse into the river transportation system.

Manaus Travel Guide

Best time to visit

The dry season, which lasts from June to November, is the ideal time to explore Manaus. The weather is often dryer and more pleasant during this time, with less rain and less humidity.

Exploring the Amazon rainforest at this time of year is wonderful because the water levels are lower and wildlife is easier to see.

Things to remember

  • Pack lightweight, breathable clothing for the hot and humid climate.
  • Use mosquito repellent and consider getting vaccinated for tropical diseases.
  • Stay hydrated and drink bottled or purified water.
  • Respect and appreciate the local culture and customs.
  • Plan and book tours in advance to explore the Amazon rainforest safely.

Travel Safety

For travel safety and official tourist information in Manaus, you can contact the Manaus Tourist Information Center:

Phone: +55 (92) 3622-6794
Address: Avenida Eduardo Ribeiro, 520 – Centro, Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil.

They can provide up-to-date information on attractions. Also safety guidelines, and assist with travel planning. Additionally, it’s always advisable to check travel advisories, follow local regulations, and take necessary precautions to ensure a safe and enjoyable visit to Manaus.

Exploring Manaus

Travelling to Manaus offers a unique and captivating experience. Its vibrant culture, stunning natural beauty, and iconic landmarks.

Follow Manaus travel guide. Along with proper planning, respect for local customs, and awareness of safety guidelines, you can enjoy an unforgettable adventure in this Amazonian gem.