7 Best Cities to Visit in Canada

1. Vancouver

Vancouver is one of the best cities in Canada. It is on the coasts of Pacific Ocean in Western Canada. There are mountains and lakes following the north and the east of mainland in British Columbia. Vancouver is close to the neighboring capital city of Victoria on Vancouver Island. Its also close to Seattle in the United States.

2. Quebec City

Quebec City was founded in 1608. It’s known for its French history and culture. The French language is a dominant language of the city, and also the region of Quebec. It lies of the banks of the St Lawrence River, and around 250km north-east of Montreal. The city is one of the best cities to travel to North America.

3. Montreal

Montreal is on the island in the St Lawrence River. The city has diversity in its environment. People from all over the world making it an international city. Discovering Montreal is fun with diving in the history with museums, Old Port near the river, Notre-Dame Basilica and Mount Royal Park even more.

4. Toronto

Toronto is the largest city in Canada. Lies on the shore of Lake Ontario across the north of United States. It is also one of the most diverse cities in the world. The city has many skyscrapers, but the tallest one is the iconic CN Tower. Toronto has many parks and attractions; the city is alive and has its vibrant environment to offer you.

5. Victoria

Victoria is the capital of British Columbia and another one of the best cities in Canada. It lies on the southern end of Vancouver Island in the west coast, Pacific Ocean. The city is just across the United States, however it has sub-Mediterranean climate that is perfect for year around travel. It is a vibrant city, full of life as well as there are many things to do here.

6. Ottawa

Ottawa is the capital city of Canada. On the banks of Ottawa River and close to Montreal in the East. Apart from parliament, the Rideau Canal and many more attractions also things to do in Ottawa.

7. Calgary

Calgary is in the southern part of Alberta region of western Canada. The city is somewhere east of the Rocky Mountains in Canada, also a gateway to the popular Banff National Park. Visitors can discover history in museums of Fort Calgary and Glenbow Museum. Visit the famous Calgary Stampede or Zoo to visit animals otherwise climb up 191 meters on Calgary Tower to get the city’s panoramic views.

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