7 Best Cities to Visit in France


Capital of France, Paris is certainly a top choice to travel among visitors in Europe. City of love has grown on the banks of Seine. Iconic landmark Eiffel tower rising high here, and it also gives a chance to climb up for panoramic city views. While Paris has famous Louvre museum with Monalisa painting in it. City has many more popular attractions including, Arc de Triomphe, Cathedral of Notre Dame, Montmartre and more. Popular palace of Versailles and Disneyland are also among others.

Seine River


Lyon is in the center-eastern part of France. It is 2 hrs. from Geneva in Switzerland. Rhone and Saone rivers meet here in the city. Western side of the river Saone is mostly hilly terrain. Lyon has some beautiful architecture of Roman, medieval as well as Renaissance times. It has many museums, its French food and old historic town to spend your time.

Lyon. photo by Bruno


Nice is one of the best cities on the French Riviera. Beautiful beaches of Nice decorates its coast line of Cote d’Azur. The city is often crowded, because its popular among visitors seeking Mediterranean vacations on its sunshine beaches and blue waters. Nice is very close to Italy, hence it has some Italian flavors in its environment as well.

Nice. photo by Alexandra


City of Bordeaux lies on the banks of Garonne river. It is on the south-western France and around an hour away from Atlantic Ocean. Some of the attractions are beautiful Place de la Bourse next to the river, Cathédrale Saint André, Flèche Saint-Michel and oldest stone bridge Pont de Pierre.

Bordeaux. photo by pixabay


It’s a beautiful historic and the oldest city in France. Marseille was the important post city during Greek and Roman times of trading. The city lies in the southern France and opens to Mediterranean Sea. The seashore doesn’t have many beaches, because the terrain is rocky and much of the area occupied by ports. Although sunshine weather in Marseille attracts visitors seeking small break from European winters. There are many attractions in the city from its history. Old port of Marseille is one of the main attractions, The Fort Saint Jean, La Major cathedral, Basilique Notre-Dame and many things to visit here.

Marseille. photo by Dejan


Strasbourg is beautifully different French city. Its close to the German border and on the banks of Rhine river dividing the countries. No doubt Strasbourg has cultural and architectural mixture of both the sides. Gothic cathedral of the city is one of the must visit landmarks. Historic La Petite France quarter is popular among visitors. Strasbourg also famous for its Christmas markets.

Strasbourg. photo by Monika


Lille sits comfortably in the northern France near Belgium border. Its beautiful historic center is decorated by renovated brick houses and cobble stone pedestrian streets. The city once was the heart of industrial France. Lille has many small and big attractions, many museums and a zoo with the citadel.

Lille. photo by Jo