7 Best Cities to Visit in Denmark

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Updated June 2023

1. Copenhagen

Top on the list of ‘7 Best cities to visit in Denmark’ is Copenhagen. Its Clean and peaceful yet moreover hot and happening, Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark. Its art and modern architecture is wonderful and together with compliments its historic landmarks. Copenhagen lies on the east of Zealand island facing Oresund strait, which divides Denmark from Sweden. Stunning Oresund bridge further join both the lands. The waterfront of Copenhagen has some of the beautiful attractions and city offers plenty of things to do and explore.


2. Aarhus

Aarhus is a most important port city of Denmark. It’s around 3 hours west of Copenhagen on the mainland part of the country. Aarhus has a vibrant mixture of history and culture with its contemporary life. There is a range of cafés in and on the streets, restaurants, and nightlife. Aarhus has its charm, and hence it’s one of the best cities to visit in Denmark.

Aarhus. Image by Nils Nyvang 

3. Aalborg

Aalborg is the city in the north of Jutland peninsula. Limfjord waterside divides the peninsula and the city explicitly lies on its banks. The city has its heritage from its historical past. The 16th century Aalborghus Castle is one of the fine landmarks of the city. This picturesque town is undeniably growing its name in the books of travellers. Be it architecture or Vikings history.

Aalborg. Image by Gerd Wittka

4. Odense

Odense is about 2 hours west of Copenhagen. Its located on the island of Funen between Jutland and Zealand. It’s the third-largest city in Denmark. Its architecture, as well as clean and pleasant streets of once the Hans Christian Andersen’s hometown, will mesmerize you. There are museums also parks and the famous Odense Zoo as well. It’s definitely one of the best cities to visit and explore.

Odense. Image by Monika Schröder 

5. Roskilde

Roskilde is popular for a music festival. Although It’s not a big city but still has plenty of attractions to offer besides an annual music festival. There is an 11th century Viking vessel in Viking Ship Museum and also Roskilde cathedral has remains of many royal kings and Queens. The city is just 30 mins away from Copenhagen.

Roskilde. Image by zealot666 

6. Esbjerg

Esbjerg is a wonderful small city sitting on the edge of western Jutland. The city is overlooking North Sea waters and an island of Fano. Esbjerg offers a mixture of attractions for visitors. Museums, restaurants, adventure, shopping, beaches and much more to choose from to spend quality time. Esbjerg is around 300 km from Copenhagen in the east and Hamburg, Germany in the south.

Esbjerg. Image by Pixabay 

7. Helsingør

Last of the list of ‘7 Best cities to visit in Denmark’ is Helsingor. Its is in the northeast of Zealand. It some 45 km away from the capital Copenhagen and much closer to Helsingborg in Sweden, just across the narrowest part of Oresund strait. Also known as Elsinore, was a major port and a wealthy town. Its maritime museum and 15th-century castle shows its immense history. It’s also known for the home of Shakespeare’s hamlet. Helsingor can also be your gateway from Copenhagen.

Helsingør. Image by endlessboggie