7 Best Cities to Visit in New Zealand

1. Wellington

Wellington is the capital of New Zealand. While it lies beautifully at the Wellington Harbour in the south of North Island. Wellington is surrounded by mountains around its harbour which enhances its landscape also makes it one of the most beautiful cities. The city has many attractions, and also its rich art and culture to offer to its visitors. It certainly one of the 7 best cities to visit in New zealand.

Wellington. Image by Bernd

2. Auckland

It’s the largest city in New Zealand. Auckland situated in the north of North Island between two beautiful harbours. Among many attractions, Sky Tower is standing straight 328m, so It gives panoramic views of the city. There are many bars and cafes, wonderful restaurants. Activities such as surfing or hiking nearby islands or exploring the city from its streets and markets. hence there are plenty of things you can do in Auckland.

Auckland. Image by Claudio

3. Queenstown

Gateway to the adventure, Queenstown lies on the Lake Wakatipu in the south of the Southern Island of New Zealand. It’s surely one of the most beautiful cities, surrounded by Southern Alps. Queenstown is popular among adventure travellers.

Queenstown. Image by Bernd

4. Christchurch

It’s the largest city of South Island. Christchurch is rapidly rebuilding itself after devastating earthquakes in 2011 and in between 2010 – 2012. Facing the Pacific Ocean, it therefore has a different feel from other cities. Many new building, cafes, restaurants also parks and museums and many other places to hang out around the city.

Christchurch. Image by skeeze

5. Rotorua

It’s a small city on Lake Rotorua in the North Island. New Zealand lies on the Pacific ring of fire, as a result, Rotorua has some of the advantages of it. There are many natural hot springs and natural geysers around it. The city also offers a mixture of adventure and culture. Hiking or rafting and maybe just spend some time to relax in one of the spas. Rotorua has local Maori influence and there are many mauri villages nearby visitors can explore even more. Hence it deserve to be one of the 7 best cities to visit in New Zealand.

Rotorua. Image by Gary

6. Nelson

Its another small city lies peacefully on the north of South Island. Nelson sits on the banks of Maitai River on the Tasman Bay. Between mountains and natural scenes, Nelson offers wonderful delight to its visitors. There are beaches, parks, lakes and also popular breweries to explore in the area.

Nelson. Image by Marianne

7. Dunedin

The city of Dunedin lies on the southeastern coasts of the South Island. It’s popular for its Scottish feel also Victorian architecture. Dunedin has Maori heritage. The city is vibrant with its live and happening atmosphere. Natural sights and wildlife around Otago peninsula are also decent attractions for visitors.  

Dunedin. Image by Pixabay