City in a day: Rio de Janeiro

Things to Remember

one of the biggest city of Southern hemisphere. Rio attracts many tourists from across the world. The city was the host of Summer Olympics in 2016, and one of the host city of Fifa football world cup in 2014.

Rio is one of a kind city, it offers many things to do. From climbing mountains to surfing or sunbathing on one of the famous beaches. Weather is pleasant here throughout the year. 

Language is Brazilian Portuguese, and currency is Real. Don’t leave your wallet or clothes alone on the beach ;). 

What to see in Rio:

1. Christ the Redeemer

Statue of Jesus Christ, standing tall 30 m high above Corcovado mountain peak, in the Tijuca Forest National Park, behind the city of Rio de Janeiro. This Iconic monument was created by Paul Landowski. It is also one of the new seven wonders of the world, no doubt it’s the most important site in Rio for tourists. 

Christ the Redeemer. photo by Andrea
2. Escadaria Selarón

Escadaria Selarón are colorful public steps, which also known as ‘Selaron Steps’ or ‘Mosaic Steps’, it is artwork by Jorge Selaron as a tribute to the Brazilian people. It’s very popular in rio, as it has been featured in many documentaries, TV commercials and music videos as well.

Escadaria Selarón. Photo by Gettep
3. Explore the city center

Center of the city has many original things to see from colonial time. there are many churches including famous Rio de Janeiro Cathedral. there are many museums, theaters. you can also follow the hill to the old neighbourhood of Santa Teresa. 

Rio from Guanabara Bay. photo by Assy
4. Sugarloaf Mountain

It is peak stretching 396 m high in the Guanabara Bay. you can take a cable car to top to experience 360 degree view around Rio. 

View from Sugarloaf Mountain. photo by Graham
5. Copacabana Beach

known as the best beach of Rio de Janeiro. its always lively and hence attracts tourists. its crescent in shape and facing the Atlantic ocean. 

Copacabana Beach. photo by Halley
6. Ipanema Beach

Also known as the ‘sexiest beach’, Ipanema Beach stretching east to west. it’s close to Copacabana beach. people enjoy sports here including surfing. there are many lifeguard towers around it. its a good place to see sunset and if you want better view follow a trail to ‘Pedra do Arpoador’ for better view to end your day. 

Sunset at Ipanema beach. photo by Eacuna