10 Best Attractions in Geneva, Switzerland

1. Jet d’eau (The Geneva Water Fountain)

The Geneva Water Fountain is one of the 10 best attractions in Geneva, Switzerland without a doubt. The Fountain is visible from almost everywhere in the city. It pumps water approximately 140m high, and operates every day except during strong winds and freezing temperatures. It closes early in winters and illuminated with lights in the evening operating hours.

Geneva Water Fountain. photo by Charles

2. St Pierre Cathedral

It’s the most famous and Cathedral of Geneva. It was the Catholic Church and became Protestant Church during Reformation. It’s in the Old town surrounded by history of the city.  although entry is free but panoramic views of the city from tower has a little fee.

St Pierre Cathedral. photo by Dannis

3. The Old Town

Historical old town is lovely and picturesque. in the center it’s highlighted by Saint Peter’s Cathedral also beautiful and charming streets leading to it. Medieval architecture of the old town is undeniably worth walking around and spend quality time in the history.

Geneva. Image by photosforyou


While everyone knows where and what CERN is, it’s fascinating to visit such an important place in the history of science. It’s the headquarters of the European Organization for Nuclear Research. Moreover its popular for its particle accelerator in particle physics laboratory. Visitors get a chance to see this captivating place on an organized tour here.

CERN. Image by David Mark 

5. Bains des Pâquis

It’s one of the very popular spots in Geneva. It’s a pier in the Lake Geneva also a light house at the end of it. This place is good spot to get some sunbathing during summers. It also gives a good view of The Geneva Water Fountain on the opposite side.

Bains des Pâquis. photo by Guilhem

6. Palais des Nations (Palace of Nations)

It’s the house of United Nations Office in Geneva, Switzerland. It’s a huge building complex, which holds visitor tours around many different parts of the building from time to time. There is entry fee and ID is also required for permission. Also, just across the street there is the International Museum of Red Cross to visit.

Palais des Nations. photo by konferenzadhs

7. Parc des Bastions & Reformation Wall

Reformation Wall is located in the Parc des Bastions (Bastions Park) It’s the monument showing Protestant Reformation. Statues of Guillaume Farel, Jean Calvin, Théodore de Bèze and John Knox in the center of the wall. University of Geneva is just behind the wall.

Reformation wall. photo by Jack

8. L’horloge fleurie / Jardin Anglais

The iconic Flower clock in the west side of the Jardin Anglais (park) next to Lake Geneva. there are many plants used for the clock. it’s a good place to stop by while taking a view of the lake.

Jardin Anglais photo by Patrick

9. Top of Salève

Visiting Geneva is complete by taking a trail or cable car to the top of mount Salève. Views of the surroundings and Geneva on the edge of the lake is breathtaking. Not just views, as well as if you want paragliding or skiing in the winters. By its closeness to the city, this place is a must and worth for visitors also one of the 10 Best attractions in Geneva.

Salève. Photo by Olivier Miche

10. International Red Cross Museum

International Red Cross Museum located in Geneva and is near Palace of Nations. Its opened in 1988 and exhibiting the humanitarian works. Museum is a result of hardworking people to save human lives. There are much more interesting exhibitions to visit.

Red Cross Museum. ©MICR photo Alain Germond