5 Best Places to Visit in Italy

Apart from cities, these 5 best places in Italy to visit. plan well and don’t miss them. let’s find out.

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Updated Mar 2023

Cinque Terre

The Cinque Terre are the five little towns of the Italian Riviera. These are ‘Monterosso al Mare’, ‘Vernazza’, ‘Corniglia’, ‘Manarola’, ‘Riomaggiore’. All five towns are developed on steep hills and high cliffs of the seashore overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. That is between ‘La Spezia’ and ‘Genoa’.

The whole area is the part of the Cinque Terre National park, so you must pay a small fee to use the trails to walk around from park and villages. Cinque Terre is the smallest also most densely populated national park in Italy.

Trains are the best way to reach here. It is well connected by major cities. All five towns have railway stations. But major trains stop at only Monterosso and La Spezia.

Evening in Vernazza, Cinque Terre. photo by Daniil

Pompeii and Vesuvius

The ruins of Pompeii is a historical site of the ancient city. Pompeii lies under the shadows of Mt. Vesuvius. They call it Vesuvio, which was responsible for destroying the city of Pompeii and also Herculaneum (Ercolano) with a major eruption in 79AD.

There are ruins of local streets and shops. There are houses with gardens, a gymnasium, an arena, as well as an amphitheater. It shows some happy and some sad part of this ancient Roman city.

Pompeii is around an hour away from Napoli. Therefore it’s reachable by bus and local narrow-gauge trains, which are known as Circumvesuviana. The area has a delightful landscape and history everywhere around the Gulf of Naples, It surely is one of the best places in Italy.

Pompeii ruins and mt.Vesuvius

Alps and Lakes

Italian Alps stretch from the French Borders In the northwest to the Austrian border in the northeast. It has some of the best ski trails and resorts. The Alps also has some of the most wonderful landscapes and the Dolomites are one of the examples.

‘Lago di Como’, ‘Lago Maggiore’, ‘Lago d’Iseo’, ‘Lago di Garda’ are surely some of the famous spots in Italy. Lake Como is particularly the most popular destination. There are beautiful towns of Como, Lecco, Varenna and Bellagio, even more. Lago di Garda has a famous amusement park known as ‘Gardaland’ and a popular spot called ‘Sirmione’. These places are well connected by trains and buses from most cities.

Lake Como in the Alps


Sicilia or Sicily is the biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Its wonderful landscape has mountains, hills also beaches. ‘Mount Etna’ is an active volcano near Catania. It is one of the highest volcanoes in Europe. It is a most important landmark on Sicilian terrain. ‘Scala dei Turchi’ are the white cliffs. it is another attraction in southern Sicily.

Sicily has many heritage sites. This includes some ancient, medieval and baroque from its past. From Greek temples of the ‘Valley of temples’ near Agrigento to the medieval and modern city of Palermo. It is culturally and traditionally rich region as well. It is also famous for its sweets and gelato (ice cream) in Italy. Its without a doubt one of the best places in Italy.

Scala dei Turchi, Photo by Federica Giusti


Tuscany is one of the most wonderful regions in the world. It has lush green mountains and gardens. There are olive groves and vineyards. Tuscany produce some of the best wines. It also gives best Parmesan cheese (Parmigiano). There are few villa’s and a small castle. It will make you dream about Tuscany. Florence, Pisa, and Siena are major towns in the region. They are the highlights of Italian Renaissance and Roman history as well.

Tuscany region near Florence