7 Best Cities to Visit in Austria

1. Vienna

Vienna is the capital of Austria and the biggest city in the country. Its among the most beautiful cities in the world. Vienna developed itself on the banks of Danube river, and under the influence of imperial capital of Hapsburg empire. The city is also acknowledged for its Imperial palaces, like Schönbrunn.

Most of the city is on the west side of the Danube, it has always been a center of culture and art; theatre and opera are still vibrant in the city. Beautiful streets with remarkable architecture and historical public and government buildings are lying in the central district of Vienna known as Innere Stadt and a ring road is following it to the canal. Vienna is a big city and it has many attractions for visitors everywhere.

Vienna. photo by ernschie


Graz is one of the most beautiful cities in Austria. It’s the second biggest city in the country. Graz has a rich history in education with several universities in the city. It’s the capital city of the southern Austrian province of Styria.

Graz has its beautiful medieval narrow streets, it has grown on the both sides of river Mur with mixture of renaissance and baroque architecture. Shops are decorating it to the center square of Hauptplatz. And just outside of the city, on the hill to the north, funicular reaching up to the century old castle, Schloßberg. Its perfect spot to get fantastic views of all over the city. A clock tower is at the top, it is still remaining part of the castle. Apart from that city has lively with cafes and pounding nightlife.

Graz. photo by Gerhard
7 best cities to visit in Austria

3. Salzburg

The musical and magical Salzburg located in the north western part of Austria, close to the German border. Area is surrounded by beautiful mountains of eastern Alps, and splendid Salzach river flowing through and dividing the city from north to south. Makes it a town from storybook.

Most of the medieval and baroque town grown on the western bank of the river also known as Altstadt or old city and New city developed around and across it, also known as Neustadt. Salzburg developed on the both sides since then and became a fourth largest city of the country. Altstadt is also famous for being birth city of Mozart.

Salzburg. photo by pixabay

4. Linz

Linz is the capital city of the northern province of Oberösterreich (Upper Austria). Lying on the banks of river Danube, Linz has a good mixture of nature, commerce and culture. City efficiently mixed art, science and technology which also assisted in emerging blend of traditional and contemporary architecture. Linz has many popular attractions to the visitors.

Linz. photo by Alfred

5. Innsbruck

Innsbruck in western Austria is in the middle of Alps. It is also popular for ski trails around it. Climbing on one of the mountains will give spectacular views of city and surroundings or perhaps you might like to join a winter party on the top.

City has many students and hence many restaurants and cafes, many other attractions like Golden Roof, the court church, Ambras castle and many more contemporary architectures, some of them are designs of Zaha Hadid, like Bergisel ski jump. One can easily fall in love with this beautiful city.

Innsbruck. photo by Tojota

6. Klagenfurt

A beautiful city in the southern Austria, and capital city of Carinthia province, Klagenfurt lies on the eastern shore of the Lake Wörthersee. It has a nice old town in Innere Stadt district, surrounded by streets making it almost square in shape.

Renaissance and Baroque buildings are facing up the narrow streets of the old town. Many attractions for visitors are Lindwurm, in the center of the city, Minimundus (the miniature theme park) and Europa park near Lake on the western edge are the few main attractions.

Lake Wörthersee, Klagenfurt. photo by Pazeman

7. Villach

Less than 40km west of Klagenfurt and on the banks of Drava river lies lovely city of Villach. City is surrounded by Alps and offers many peaks for ski lovers, Lake Ossiach is on the north of Villach under mountains.

Villach is close to Italian-Slovenian border and was severely damaged by during second world war bombings, city is cozy and comfortable for peace chasers to live in. there are many museums and ruins around the city.

Villach. photo by Gerhard

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