10 Best attractions in Vienna, Austria

1. The Hofburg Palace

It’s the former palace of the Imperial Hofburg Dynasty. Hofburg is one of the oldest Palaces in Austria, it is dated back to the 13th century. Today it serves as the seat of Austrian President. There are many museums as well as a riding school.

Hofburg Palace, 10 Best attractions in Vienna, Austria

2. Schönbrunn Palace and Zoo

Schönbrunn Palace was the residence of Habsburg rulers, also is one of the biggest Palaces in Europe and in the world. It is located in the east of Vienna, connected by tram, buses, as well as metro. Palace has massive gardens and Vienna Zoo in addition to its premises as well.  

10 Best attractions in Vienna, Austria
Schönbrunn Palace

3. St Stephens Cathedral

St. Stephens Cathedral is one of the most prominent landmarks in Vienna. It’s the seat of the Archbishop of the city. It is dated back to the 12th century, and is one of the most important and oldest Roman Catholic church of Gothic architecture in the country. Hence its one of the 10 best attractions in Vienna. Its more than a hundred meters high and also gives a city view from the top of 343 steps.

Vienna cathedral, 10 Best attractions in Vienna, Austria

4. Belvedere Palace

Belvedere Palace is another example of the rich and Imperial history of Vienna. It was the summer residence of Prince Eugene. There are two Baroque Palaces also huge beautiful gardens with it. The place is currently used for museums and galleries for exhibitions. Tickets can be bought online

10 Best attractions in Vienna, Austria

5. Vienna Opera house

Opera House or Vienna State Opera is however one of the best Operas in the world. There is something to catch here almost every day. From the architecture of the building to Opera performances. It will undeniably make your trip mesmerize in the country of music.

Vienna Opera House

6. Prater

It’s a Public park and an amusement park in Vienna. Prater has its history from Imperial time when it used to be as a hunting ground. Overall there is something for everyone here.

Prater. Image by Alfred Stier 

7. Hundertwasser House

Hundertwasser House is a complex of colorful, artistic as well as unique apartments. It’s one of the special highlights of the city. Built on the design and concept of Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser. It’s in the Landstraße district of Vienna.

Hundertwasser House. Image by Manfred Reinert 

8. Townhall and Parliament

Rathaus is a city hall building surrounded by parks in front of Burgtheater in the city center. It also serves as the government of Vienna. This building is indeed a wonderful example of Austrian gothic architecture. Parliament of Austria is next to the town hall park, and in front of Volksgarten. Hence its one of the 10 best attractions in Vienna. Architecture is amazing but currently, the whole area is under construction for the next 2-3 years.


9. Heldenplatz

It’s a Public square in front of the Hofburg Palace in the city center. Haldenplatz is famous due to Hitter’s speech about Austria joining the German empire.

Haldenplatz. Image by andreas N

10. Volksgarten

Volksgarten is a public park in the central district of Vienna. Its surrounded by prominent places that is Parliament building and Hofburg Palace. It was once part of the royal premises. There are gardens and fountains and a Café Meierei in the garden to explore history or just relax in the beautiful Austrian capital.

Volksgarten. Image by Wolfgang R. Zissler 

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