Updated, Oct 2021

Belgium is in the north western part of the mainland Europe. It borders Netherlands in the north and France in the south, which also have influenced it respectively. Northern Dutch speaking region known as Flanders and southern French speaking region known as Wallonia. It also shares some part of its eastern border with Germany and Luxembourg. And some part of north is coastal which opens in North Sea.

Brussels is the capital city of the country. Antwerp is the second biggest and major port city of Belgium. Bruges is one of the most attractive with its canals. There are many other attractive medieval cities like Gent, Liege, Leuven popular among visitors. Belgium is famous for its chocolates, waffles and also Belgian beers.

Brussels is the capital city of Belgium. Its north of France and has effect of French and Dutch culture and language. it’s a multicultural and diverse city. Brussels has its historical and modern world. many attractions to visit. bike or walk, take a taste of Belgium at the restaurants, try Belgian beer, waffle also shopping and nightlife.