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Getting In & Around

Getting in

Kansai International Airport:
artificial island airportabout 100 km from Kyoto.  address: 1 Senshukukokita, Izumisano-shi, Osaka 549-0001, Japan, web:, phone: +81 7 2455 2500, Train: JR Express for about 1200 yen, Bus: about 1600 yen/800 yen(child), Taxi: 16000 yen to Osaka. night charges extra. rideshare costs around 2000 yen.  

Osaka International Airport – ITAMI:
about 45 km from Kyoto, operates domestic flights only. web:, phone: +81 6 6856 6781,
Train: there are changes and options with monorail and buses, visit journey planner to find out best for you., Bus: fastest way is to use Airport Limousine Buses, takes about 25 to 30 minutes, costs about 650 yen, 330 yen(child) , Taxi: about 6,000 yen

Getting around

Public Transport
Tickets: train:
fare starts at 120 yen, it is distance based. subway: distance based, starts at 200 yen. one day pass for 800 yen on weekdays and 600 on weekends, half price for children.

tourists can use smart card with credit on it in transport in and around the region of Osaka and Kansai. There are rail passes as well as tourist cards. 

Piazza Duomo

See & Do

Piazza Duomo


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