Best places to see Indian monsoon

From June to September, the Indian subcontinent experiences the monsoon, that attracts travellers from all over the world.

Mawsynram, Wettest place on Earth

highest rainfall in the world is recorded in Mawsynram, It's a village in Meghalaya. In the monsoon season, the caves, waterfalls, and lush green hills come to life. 


It is a popular site for hikers and nature lovers. Cherrapunji is transformed into a magnificent green wonderland with streams and waterfalls during the monsoon season. 


It is one among India’s most popular monsoon tourism sites. During the monsoon, the lush green forests, waterfalls, and mountains create a spellbinding scene.


Lonavala is a prominent hill station in Maharashtra, Lonavala transforms into a green sanctuary during the monsoon season, with misty hills, waterfalls, and lakes.


Kodaikanal is a hill station in Tamil Nadu recognised for its breathtaking natural beauty. The monsoon season adds to Kodaikanal’s allure, with misty mountains, waterfalls, and lakes. 

Alleppey / Alappuzha

It is a Kerala town noted for its backwaters. The monsoon season transforms Alleppey into a lush green wonderland with rain-soaked coconut palms and backwaters. 


Also known as the City of Lakes, The gorgeous lakes, palaces, and forts surrounded by greenery add to the allure of Udaipur during the monsoon season.