How to travel Sicily Island?

From exploring its historic cities and ancient ruins to basking in its stunning natural landscapes

Step 1, How to arrive

The two main airports are Catania Fontanarossa Airport and Palermo Airport, well connected to italy and Europe


you can reach Sicily by ferry. There are ferry services connecting Sicily with various ports in mainland Italy, such as Naples, Salerno, Genoa, and Livorno.


You can take the ferry and train combo to reach Sicily if you are already on the Italian mainland. from Reggio Calabria or Villa San Giovanni,

Step 2, Planning the itinerary

Let’s take a look at some of the cities and towns and what to see there

Cities and Towns

Some of the best locations are - Palermo Catania Taormina Syracuse Agrigento Messina

Natural wonders

Mount Etna Aeolian Islands Zingaro Nature Reserve Vendicari Nature Reserve Scala dei Turchi Nebrodi Mountains Pantalica Nature Reserve Valley of the Temples

Step 3, Experience Sicilian cuisine

Arancini Pasta alla Norma Cannoli Granita Local Markets Seafood Regional Wines

Step 4, How to experience Sicily?

Interact with locals Learn Italian phrases Embrace the relaxed pace of life Enjoy festivals Local arts and crafts Outdoor explorations

Step 5, Things to remember

Sicily experiences a surge in tourism during July and August, especially in popular coastal areas.

Sicily presents a fascinating fusion of culture, beautiful landscape, delicious food, and kind hospitality.

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