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Updated, Jun 2023


Northern Belgian city of Antwerp is renowned for its stunning architecture, extensive history, and lively arts scene. Explore both contemporary sights like the MAS Museum and the Antwerp Zoo as well as historic sites like the Cathedral of Our Lady and the Town Hall.

The city centre is brimming with boutique stores, cafes, and restaurants selling Belgian delicacies like waffles and chocolate, so there are plenty of places to shop and eat there.

An robust network of public transport, including trams, buses and rental bicycles, makes getting about Antwerp simple. Additionally, the city is pedestrian-friendly, with numerous attractions being close to one another.

Antwerp is a year-round travel destination, but the best time to go is in the summer when the weather is at its most pleasant.

Best time to visit: The summer months (June to August), when the weather is good and there are many of outdoor events, are the greatest times to visit Antwerp. December through February can be a chilly and rainy time of year.

Getting In & Around

Antwerp International Airport:
5 km south-east, no direct public transport connection, best options is to take a bus to Antwerp Berchem Station(major junction – Bus, Tram, Train) journey to the city is less than an hour, which costs €3(onboard)/2.50/1.80 (mobile) in public transport. Bus to Antwerp Berchem (10 mins) Bus 51, 52, 53, then Train from Antwerp Berchem railway station to Antwerp Central Station (5 mins) or Bus from Antwerp Berchem to Rooseveltplaats – line 21, 32. or Tram from Antwerp Berchem to Rooseveltplaats – line 9, 11 and 4. Taxi: €15-25(approximately), 

Brussels Airport (Zaventem):
45 km south of city centre. Train: A train ticket from the airport to Antwerp costs €17.30, which includes the airport supplement fee of €5.50. Airport Bus: The cost of the airport bus is €12. Flixbus: Prices for Flixbus vary depending on the destination, but start from around €5. Taxi: A taxi from the airport to the city center of Antwerp starts at approximately €55, but the exact fare may depend on factors such as traffic and time of day.

Charleroi Airport:
100 km south, *Train to Charleroi South + Bus to Airport : €21 more... Super Shuttle: €33  book here. Flixbus: from €9. Taxi:from €200 (approximately).

Antwerpen Centraal:
Central train station in city center, Connected by Metro, Trams, Buses and Suburban Trains and intercity, Restaurants, supermarket, shopping and public facilities are available here.

Public Transport
Tickets are valid to change lines and transport in the given time. Tickets can be purchased at supermarkets, newspaper stands and at vending machines. Single tickets also available on tram and bus, from drivers. Visit Antwerp website

Tickets: single ticket (1 hour) €2.50/€3 (in vehicle)/€1.80 (mobile app). 10 journey ticket €16/ €15 (mobile app). Day Pass €7,50/ €4(child), valid till 4 am. 3 day pass €15 /€8 (child), valid till 4 am after last day. 

Antwerp. Photo by Thomas Konings on Unsplash

See & Do

Antwerp, Belgium’s vibrant port city, offers a plethora of attractions. Marvel at the majestic Gothic architecture of the Cathedral of Our Lady and explore the historic Antwerp Central Station.

Visit the iconic Antwerp Zoo or immerse yourself in art at the Royal Museum of Fine Arts. Discover the city’s diamond heritage at Diamondland.

Stroll along the trendy shopping street of Meir or explore the charming neighborhoods of Het Zuid and Eilandje. Don’t miss the chance to savor Belgian cuisine and indulge in famous chocolate and beer.

Zoo Antwerpen
zoo | opening hours: time varies as per seasons please check the website before visiting. generally opens at 8am in summers and at 10am in winters. tickets: adult €31, child(12-17 years) €29, and (3-11 years) €25, address: Koningin Astridplein 20-26, 2018 Antwerpen , website:

MAS |Museum aan de Stroom
museum | opening hours:  Tue – Sun: 10am to 5pm, tickets: €5 (€10 in case of exhibition) address: Hanzestedenplaats 1, 2000 Antwerpen, website:, phone:  +32 33 38 44 00, email: [email protected]

Grote Markt
market-public square| opening hours: open area , address:  Grote Markt, 2000 Antwerpen.

Cathedral of Our Lady Antwerp
church | getting in: take Tram 3, 5, 9, 15 and 4, or bus 22, 180, 181, 182, and 183 to Groenplaats.
opening hours: monday to friday: 10am to 5pm, saturday till 3pm and on sundays 1pm to 4pm , tickets: € 8, free for under 18 and locals, for group of 20 and above € 6 per person, address: Groenplaats 21, 2000 Antwerp, website:, phone: +32 (0)3 213 99 51 , email: [email protected] 

MAS, Antwerp. Photo by Frans Ruiter on Unsplash


Shop & Dine


Antwerp is a shopping paradise known for its fashion and design culture. Explore the world-famous Meir street, which is home to worldwide brands and luxury retailers. Discover one-of-a-kind fashion finds at the Nationalestraat fashion district. Explore the vintage boutiques and concept stores in the trendy Het Zuid neighbourhood for a more varied shopping experience.

Meir is Antwerp’s greatest shopping boulevard, with an excellent assortment of worldwide brands and high-end stores. Its attractive architecture and diverse retail options, ranging from luxury designer houses to major department stores, draw fashion fans.

Antwerp Fashion District: The Antwerp Fashion District, located around the Nationalestraat, is a creative and design hotspot. It is home to avant-garde boutiques, concept businesses, and up-and-coming fashion talent. Fashion fans can discover one-of-a-kind and cutting-edge fashion pieces that highlight the city’s position as a fashion capital.


Antwerp has a diversified gastronomic environment when it comes to dining. Indulge in wonderful Belgian cuisine in neighbourhood brasseries or experiment with exotic flavours at chic eateries. Don’t forget to try some Belgian chocolate and relax with a cold beer at a cosy café.

Het Zuid: Het Zuid is a trendy Antwerp neighbourhood noted for its active food scene. It has a wide range of restaurants, cafes, and bistros with cuisines ranging from classic Belgian fare to foreign fusion specialties. Enjoy a leisurely supper in a classy environment while taking in the artistic ambiance of the neighbourhood.

The Grote Markt, or Grand Place, is a key area in Antwerp studded with historic buildings and crowded outdoor terraces. It’s a great location to unwind with a meal or a drink while admiring the scenery. Many of the restaurants in town feature Belgian delicacies like mussels, fries, and classic Flemish stews.

Nearby Places

Brussels: The capital of Belgium, located around 45 kilometres south of Antwerp, provides a combination of historical buildings, museums, and culinary delights. It is easily accessible by train in about 45 minutes, making it a perfect day vacation location.

Ghent is a picturesque city famed for its mediaeval architecture, canals, and bustling atmosphere, located about 60 kilometres northwest of Antwerp. It is accessible by train in 30-40 minutes, giving it an ideal escape for exploring its gorgeous streets, visiting historical landmarks, and sampling the local food.

Bruges: About 100 kilometres northwest of Antwerp, Bruges is a UNESCO World Heritage site known for its well-preserved mediaeval structures, winding canals, and romantic atmosphere. It is accessible by train in about 1.5 hours and allows visitors to explore its lovely neighbourhoods, take boat excursions along the canals, and indulge in delectable Belgian chocolates.

The Hague: The Hague is the political capital of the Netherlands and is located around 130 kilometres southwest of Antwerp. It offers a variety of cultural attractions, museums, and lovely beaches. It is accessible by train in about 2 hours, allowing visitors to experience its historical landmarks, world-class museums, and coastline landscape.