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Getting In & Around

Getting in
Prague Airport/ Ruzyne Airport ( Václav Havel Airport Prague)
90 km. Bus: from 100 Czk. take a bus from Prague bus stations (Prague Zličín prefered)  – Route no. 100 from airport to bus station 25 CZK / 6 CZK(under 15) OR take a train from Prague from 95 Czk. Taxi: 1600-3500 CZK (depends on distance). Radio Taxi / Autoslzba Taxi / City Line Taxi.

Pilsen Main Train Station / Plzeň Hlavní Nádraží
Station is connected by Public transport, Bus and trams. Public facilities including some shops, restaurant and luggage storage available her

Pilsen Bus Station / Centrální Autobusové Nádraž 
It is Main Bus Terminal of the city, It is well connected by Public transport, public services including restaurants, some shops, ATM are available here

Getting around

Public Transport
Transport system consists of buses, trams and trolleybuses. Tickets can be purchased from newsstand shops or ticket office , from drivers in buses or trams for little extra. Visit website

Tickets: *single ticket (no transfer) 20 Czk / 10 Czk (6-15yrs). single ticket (30 min) 18 Czk / 9 Czk (6-15yrs). single ticket (60 min) 22 Czk / 11 Czk (6-15yrs). single ticket (180 min) 38 Czk / 19 Czk (6-15yrs). 24 hrs pass 66 Czk / 33 Czk (6-15yrs).

*Single ticket non transferable can be bought from driver for 30 Czk

Piazza Duomo

See & Do

Piazza Duomo


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