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Updated, Aug 2023


Tartu Visitor Centre
Mon-Fri 9-18, Sat-Sun 10-17, address: Raekoja plats 1a, 50089 Tartu, Estonia
email: [email protected][email protected]visit website, phone: (+372) 744 2111. Emergency number:  112

Getting In & Around

Getting in
Tartu Airport / Ulenurme Airport
10 km South from city center. Bus: €2, Shuttle: €4 (door to door), Taxi: €11-14 (negotiate before), Visit website

Tartu Train Station
about 1.5 km from city center or river bank, Connected by Public transport, Station is nice and beautiful. although not many trains pass from here. basic facilities are here

Tartu Bus Station
Connected by Public transport, Bus terminal is in good condition. public facilities and seats are available. It is next to a shopping complex.

Getting around

Public Transport
single ticket(1hr) €0.83/ €2(on board), 1 day Ticket €2.11, 10 day Ticket €7.03, 10 Single tickets €8.30.
Vsit Website

Buy your tickets here…
There are option to buy a 30 day ticket or a 90 day ticket as well.
*Do read instructions before using transport card. do not scan it with contactless credit card or other bank card.  

Bus route map here…

Piazza Duomo

See & Do

Piazza Duomo